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Message from Pastor Ruth - November 2019

Remember the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life? Remember George Bailey and the Building and Loan, and his wife Mary and their 4 little children? And remember Clarence, the bumbling angel, who helps George see that his ordinary life is really pretty wonderful after all? “You’ve been given a great gift, George,” Clarence declares, “a chance to see what the world would be like without you.  Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many other lives, and when he isn’t around, he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?”

For 3 Sundays in November –the 10th through the 24th—we will be presenting a worship series called “It’s a Wonderful life.” Like George Bailey, we’ll all look at our lives and think about the ways we’re connected to one another. And we’ll reflect on the resources we have been blessed with, so we can then consider how we might want to use them. The fancy word for all this is “stewardship” - because stewardship is about how we use and take care of all the things that are part of our lives. Our time, our abilities, our money, our faith—how can these enhance our own lives and the world around us? 

Each week we’ll hear a different scripture passage. And each week we will ponder the connection between how we use our resources and how we are in a relationship with God. What are our top priorities? What do we hope for as the future unfolds? What is God calling us to do? And who is God calling us to be?

During our prayer time, we’ll be displaying pictures that come from YOU. These photos will be a way of expressing our thankfulness for our many blessings—so pictures of people (please get their permission), pictures of scenery, pictures that show something that gives you joy—all of these will be much appreciated. In addition, as part of our offering, some of our Olivet members will be sharing something wonderful about the church, while they also wonder what could be possible in the church’s future.

We hope that you will be able to join us for these November worship services. And may God continue to touch our lives with wonder as we seek to live with faith, generosity and love.

Yours in Christ,


Electronic Giving

Olivet now features E-Giving; an online service to allow you to make your donations in a secure way that also helps you track your donations over the year.  Please see our E-Giving page on this website.

Feed Your Soul

Simple.  Prayerful.  Relevant.  Every other Wednesday at 6:15pm, beginning September 11, Olivet will offer a simple worship service that includes scripture, familiar music, table conversation and prayer.  (We will have potluck snacks at 6:45pm).  A list of topics is below.  Please join us; and bring a friend!

  • 9/11    How can I feel ok?
  • 9/25    I don't have time...
  • 10/9    Grief
  • 10/25  Difficult emotions (anger, envy, etc)
  • 11/13  THX
  • 12/20  Blue Christmas
  • 1/8       It's a New Year
  • 2/5       What's your love language?
  • 2/19     Can I run in these shoes - Living with the threat of                    gun violence

Landscaping and Memorial Pavers

Olivet has completed the landscaping project that includes the Prairie Street side of the church from the main entry doors to the bell tower walkway.  This includes a brick paved "reflection corner" with brick pavers that are engraved with names memorializing current and past members of the church or members of the community with links to the congregation.  

This paved area features an inviting granite memorial bench in memory of Peggy Fredrick.  The bench and a significant portion of the costs of the first phase of the landscaping project have been generously underwritten by Russ Frederick.  In addition to the Fredrick donation, the Olivet Endowment Fund has provided $1,500 toward the project.

Please see some photos and detail on our Blog page within this website.