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June/July 2019 Olivet Newsletter (.pdf)

June/July's Message from Pastor Ruth

Dear Friends,

One of the things I love best about Olivet Church is our commitment to the community.  We care about Columbus and the surrounding area - and we show that caring in lots of different ways.  Some of us work through service organizations like the Lions or the Rotary.  Others participate in various community projects and volunteer opportunities.  We reach out to help our neighbors when there's a death, illness or other crisis.  And it seems there is a strong sense that "we are all in this together."

But along with caring for our local community, it seems we are also called to care for neighbors who live farther away.  People in other parts of our world may suffer from hunger or from a lack of clean water.  Access to a good education may be a challenge - especially for young girls.  Good medical care can be hard to come by in many places and situations.  And natural disaster or war can disrupt whole communities and nations.

With that in mind, we at Olivet have decided to join with congregations from many denominations in the One Great Hour of Sharing offering.  This offering began in the years following World War II, and even today OGHS donations allow US churches to work with international partners to help those in need.  From June 16- July 7, we will focus on different situations that OGHS funds address.  And on July 14 we will wrap things up as we receive our OGHS offerings.

Pastor Ruth

*please see our OGHS article on our "Outreach" page on this website.

Electronic Giving

Olivet now features E-Giving; an online service to allow you to make your donations in a secure way that also helps you track your donations over the year.  Please see our E-Giving page on this website.

Summer Drought Wall Challenge

At the annual meeting on May 19th, 2019 we kicked off the "Giving Wall Challenge".  The purpose of the wall is to help Olivet through the summer financial slump.  We have started with 200 envelopes on the wall labeled with amounts from $1 to $200.  The challenge is to fund each envelope with the amount on the front of the envelope.  When all 200 of the envelopes are funded, the total would be $20,100.

The "Wall" is located in the narthex, so please choose a dollar amount that works for you.  Take one or more and please return by September.  You can use check or cash in the envelope and put in the Sunday collection plate, or mail to Olivet at 313 W. Praire St., Columbus 53925, or you may use our E-Giving page on this website - select Summer Wall Challenge and just enter the amount from your selected  envelope.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

Landscaping and Memorial Pavers

Olivet has completed the landscaping project that includes the Prairie Street side of the church from the main entry doors to the bell tower walkway.  This includes a brick paved "reflection corner" with brick pavers that are engraved with names memorializing current and past members of the church or members of the community with links to the congregation.  

This paved area features an inviting granite memorial bench in memory of Peggy Fredrick.  The bench and a significant portion of the costs of the first phase of the landscaping project have been generously underwritten by Russ Frederick.  In addition to the Fredrick donation, the Olivet Endowment Fund has provided $1,500 toward the project.

Please see some photos and detail on our Blog page within this website.

Donation for General Synod for 2019

Olivet has committed to donating $1,000 to the General Synod which will take place in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 2019.  The donations will be used to go toward the hospitality gifts at the Synod.  Envelopes are provided on the table in the Narthex.  Make your check out to Olivet Church, and place the envelope in the collection plate on Sunday morning, or mail them to Olivet at 313 W. Prairie St., Columbus, WI 53925.  If you would like more information, please contact the Olivet office at 920-623-5140.

Mallards Game

July 7th

Look for the sign up sheet in the narthex if you are interested in attending the Mallands game with us.  The cost is $12.00, which includes a Mallards hat.  All are welcome.

Camping Scholarships

The Olivet Social Circle has scholarships available for anyone that is interested in going to a summer camp this year.  Please contact the church office on  920-623-5140 or a member of the social circle.

Little Red Wagon

Fill the Little Red Wagon for the Food Pantry: Olivet will be filling up the “Little Red Wagon” for the food pantry. It will be inside the front door. Please  bring your donations to help fill the wagon. The food pantry serves the entire community and is always in need of many donations.

See our "Outreach" section for more information on the Food Pantry.

Blankets Needed

The Olivet Quilters are in needing blanket donations that they will use inside new quilts.  Please drop off in the fellowship hall or call the church office for someone to pick them up (920-623-5140).